The glory of the

young is their strength;

 the grey hair of

experienceis the

splendor of the old

.Proverbs 20:2


My Nanny Anna Cheong’s

107th Birthday Party


Submitted by Anna's grand daughter, Clara.

 Mrs.Anna  Cheong, a grandmother, mother, aunty and very much part of the family of the Little Sisters now for over 20 years, content and flourishing with the strength of the divine, working through the staff, residents and community of the Little Sisters.

My Nanny celebrated her 107th  birthday in the care of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Randwick.

We arrived and with great excitement were welcomed wholeheartedly by the Sisters.

Decorations of red and gold, auspicious colours of longevity and Nanny's cultural traditions were carefully placed in a dedicated room to celebrate in safety during these pandemic times. A beautiful cake baked with love from the home, gorgeous flowers from the garden and table set in style for the occasion.  Nanny seems to appear younger and brighter each year, surrounded by the love of the community at the Little Sisters, and so happy together with her family of care.   Nanny would often say, 'Oh, how I wish I was a Nun!' so now surrounded by the Little Sisters is like her wish has come true.