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 St. Joseph'sHome

New Zealand has different terms to Australia for categorizing care. Our New Zealand Homes do not have Ageing in Place and low care is referred to as Rest Home and high care is referred to as Hospital


Sacred Heart Home

St. Joseph's Home and Hospital

 Ponsonby, Auckland

Location and Overview


St. Joseph’s Home is located in Ponsonby, a suburb of Auckland.  The glorious views of Waitemata Harbour and Auckland Harbour Bridge are a highlight of the Home,

The Little Sisters of the Poor first arrived in Auckland in 1888. Initially the Home was in Hepburn Street before transferring to Tweed Street where land was available. A large Home was built to meet the growing needs of the elderly of that time.  

Today the Home is on the same site, but was completely rebuilt in 2003, providing hospital and rest home care.  Independent units were then built, completing this project.

Although we provide 3 different levels of care the Little Sisters want each Resident to feel that they are “home” where they find they are loved, respected and not alone. The tenants of Independent Units interact well with residents who are less active and need assistance.

There are 31 rooms, each with heated ensuite           Each Room contains:                                                  A bedroom with built in wardrobe  

containing  shelves                                                       A table for T.V.                                                          An armchair as well as another chair.

Residents are welcome to bring pictures, photos and other objects which make their room home-like.

Most of the rooms have a view of the terraces which have flower boxes.                                                 The bedrooms in the front of the house have views of Waitemata Harbour and/or views of the harbour bridge.

INDEPENDFNT LIVING UNITS PROVIDE                    2 studio                                                                        4 bed rooms for couples and                                    11 single units.

COMMON AREAS                                                       The Chapel is the centre of the Home, and a very important place. Many Residents, including those who are not catholic, find peace in the Chapel.

Mass is celebrated daily and devotions in the evening.  All are welcome to participate if they wish. Funerals of Residents may be conducted from the Chapel.

Two dining rooms provide an area for the very frail who require assistance.                                              The other dining room is for those Residents and Tenants who can manage independently.

A well-equipped Physiotherapy room provides for a qualified Physiotherapist three times weekly

A varied activity programme is available and includes                                                                        Scenic drives, various entertainments and films

Meetings for Residents are held regularly giving the opportunity to voice any suggestions, improvements or concerns.

“Making the Residents happy is what counts” These words of St. Jeanne Jugan are the goal for Little Sisters, their team of Staff and Volunteers.


FEES AND CHARGES Refer to Dunedin 



Elderly men and women 65 years and older.

Low income - All denominations


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Sacred Heart Home and Hospital

Brockville, Dunedin

Location and Overview

Sacred Heart Home and Hospital is located in the Dunedin suburb of Brockville. It is 5 Km from the centre of town and is readily available by bus. There is a small grocery store, pharmacy and take away restaurant nearby.

Extensive renovations to the hospital section were completed in 2010. All 28 rooms are spacious with a large ensuite. Located on a hill, 17 of the rooms have a magnificent view of the Dunedin city and the Otago harbour. The other 11 rooms look out over beautifully kept gardens. The rooms have two built in wardrobes, an electric bed, armchair, and locker.

The rest home area has 26 rooms and each room has a handbasin and toilet area. These rooms are smaller than those in the hospital section, but they also have an electric bed, wardrobe, locker and armchair.




boasts of a large lounge 

a dining area attached

Extensive windows offer a panoramic view

of Dunedin, the harbour and the Pacific Ocean.


several sitting areas including one with a similar view as described above.

Dining Room

 Activity Lounge 

Large hall with a stage for group events.

Small General Store managed by the Residents

large chapel that also serves as the Parish Church for the Brockville community. The chapel is always open for prayer and reflection and daily Mass.

Physiotherapy Room buzzes with activity in the mornings and exercise classes are often on the programme.


All rooms, including ensuites are charged at the same rate of $159.75 per day as at 30th 2021,

These fees are set by the Government on the 1st of July each year.

The daily rate to be paid by the resident will depend on their financial status, which is assessed by Work and Income New Zealand Residential Subsidy Unit (WINZ). If eligible for financial support from WINZ, that support, together with the resident`s Superannuation, will be paid directly to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Southern District Health Board may also contribute to residents` costs once a resident has been assessed as needing permanent care.



Elderly men and women 65 years and older.

Low income - All denominations

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