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To promote respect for life and quality care according to our Mission and the charism of St Jeanne Jugan, two new roles have been created for our Australian Homes.
A National Quality Manager and a National Mission coordinator have been appointed to educate and mentor staff and volunteers in a new model of holistic care. 

The National Quality Manager’s role will include :

  • Supporting the 3 Homes (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth)  in the understanding and implementation of innovative models of care.

  • Working in partnership with the Little Sisters and leadership teams in each Home to support compliance and best practice with a focus on resident experience

  • Effectively monitoring and report on performance, making recommendations for quality improvements

  • Work with the Little Sisters and leadership teams to develop new procedures supporting improvements and clinical practice

  • Upskill staff in clinical management systems and risk management systems

  • Monitor home level audits and ensure results are trended and improvements made with education provided if required.

  • Analyse the clinical risk, support the homes to develop action plans and monitor completion.

  • Lead the National Quality Committee and ensures that actions are implemented effectively in each home.

  • Report on compliance and clinical risk to the Provincial Council and National Advisory Group

  • Reviewing and improving change management and implementation strategies, and reporting changes/improvements to the Provincial Council

  • Direct the local team for compliance responses and assist with the consolidation of the response at the home level for;

    • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

    • Department of Health

Karen Hines

National Quality Manager

I have been a registered nurse for over 35 years! I have worked in many hospitals, particularly in the areas of Oncology and Accident & Emergency and in many aged care homes during this time.

In 2009 I was employed by the Little Sisters of the Poor for a 3-month contract as Quality Co-Ordinator, and I have never left!

The years that followed were interesting and I held various roles in this time. In 2018 I took over the role of Director of Nursing and in February 2023 my new role as National Quality Manager began.

This is a new position within the Little Sisters of the Poor, and I hope to share my expertise and knowledge with the sisters and staff in the 3 homes Australia wide.

Jenny Kelly

Mission Co-ordinator

My connection with the Little Sisters of the Poor started at St Joseph’s Home in Northcote, Melbourne in 1983 as a Registered Nurse. My grandfather was a past resident at St Joseph’s, so I was able to see the care the residents received which drew me to seek employment at the Little Sisters. In 1999 I began the joint role of Nursing and Quality Co-ordinator followed by Director of Nursing in my last couple of years of employment before retiring in 2011.

In 2005 I had the great privilege to become an Associate member of St. Jeanne Jugan.

My retirement in 2011 gave me the opportunity to spend more time at St Joseph’s sharing the Mission of St. Jeanne Jugan with the Sisters, residents, and staff.

Although sharing the Mission with the staff has always been a part of staff education, in late 2022 the Sisters felt that the staff would benefit from a greater awareness of the holistic care of the elderly poor which was the mission of Jeanne Jugan founded in 1839 and so the program of sharing this Mission Awareness for the staff began in 2023 across the Homes in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. A week is spent in each Home every six months providing small group discussions and providing the staff the opportunity to participate in the conversation thus keeping alive the charism of St. Jeanne Jugan in caring for our elderly residents with love and respect. Each staff member is invited to continue this conversation and sharing of St Jeanne Jugan’s Mission with continued support from the Sisters and greater awareness with ongoing education.

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