Inspirational Poem created from our present day crisis: 

Written by Shiela Grant,

a Resident of our Home in Auckland.

An Easter like never before!

all snug in our bubbles for sure!

Some ventured out!! But quickly sped home

when warned by police not to roam.


Our world in deep sorrow.  Corona Virus 19

still spreading sickness, claiming lives it would seem

by the hundreds, hospitals full to the brim!

If only, please God, they would turn to Him.


Aching humanity, brought low at this time,

When Christ, on the cross, offered mercy sublime

Poured out His Life, His Love, on us all

“Draw us all to yourself Lord”, let us call.


All our sin, all our guilt, washed away

In His precious blood, on this sacred Friday

But he rose in glory on Easter morn

Bringing new hope, new life, a new dawn.


So let us rejoice, let us lift up our voice,

And praise Jesus risen, in Paschal rejoice

Our King and our Saviour, who brings His gift

Of new life and peace, our hearts to lift.


Lord Jesus, the victory and power is yours

As you spread saving love to all our shores

May this time of suffering, be a lesson learned

So all of mankind to you may be turned.