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The flag is raised at our Melbourne Home. This flag is situated outside main Reception.

Sydney Residents prepared bottles with sand remembering the sand of Gallipoli soaked in the blood of our veterans.   These were placed on  each table in the dining room.  Each resident pinned a poppy on a heart-shaped wreath. The wreath was put in the sanctuary next to the 2 flags. 

Slide show of Melbourne Anzac Day

In Melbourne, a beautiful day lent itself to the outdoor ceremony of remembrance, the raising of the flag and the laying of wreaths

Prayer from Anzac ceremony in Melbourne

Almighty God, may your grace enable us this day to dedicate ourselves to the cause of justice, freedom and peace; and give us the wisdom and strength to build a better world.

Father of Mercies, we pray for all those who suffer through the wars and conflicts happening today throughout the world. 

May we learn from our ANZACS that there are no winners in war—that power and might breed only selfishness and violence but that the sacrifice of young service men and women live on in our memories and become our role models to build a world of peace.  Peace in our relationships, peace and harmony with our environment and  Peace among nations. 


Slide show of Sydney Anzac Day

In Sydney, 24th April was ANZAC AWARENESS DAY.   Memories were rekindled as Fr. Greg MSC spoke of the two wars and the different battlefields where our soldiers fought.



In Dunedin, New Zealand, Residents laid their poppies on the cross to honor and remember all the fallen soldiers who fought in the First World War.  Here, Lea Fahey is proud to honour the ANZACS.

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