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The International Institute for promotion and  Prestige (IIPP) awarded the Humanitarian Prize  (The World Consecration Award ) to Mother Maria del Monte Auxiliadora, Superior General of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

June 30th, 2022.


Award Presentation

This Award was presented by the President, M Alain Bernot. M Francois Loos, former Minister, Mgr. Marcus  and Mrs. Marie-Hélène Frénoy, Mayor, also honored this ceremony with heartfelt words.


Mother General expressed her gratitude, insisting on the fact that the whole Congregation received this distinction, in recognition of the commitment of all the Little Sisters throughout the world, represented by 5 Little Sisters from the 5 continents. As Jeanne Jugan said, once again, “without our benefactors what could we do? », as well as all collaborators, employees and volunteers.

" This is an opportunity to awaken the conscience of all to the dignity of the Elderly in society and in the world and  respect and accompaniment of all life until its natural end... " ( Speech of Mother María del Monte Auxiliadora )

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