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  George Cardinal Pell AC

“He was a lion of the Church, a giant of a man with a big vision,” Archbishop Fisher said. Cardinal Pell proclaimed the Gospel “shamelessly, vehemently, courageously to the end.”

“He had a big heart, too, strong enough to fight for the faith and endure persecution, but soft enough to care for priests, youth, the homeless, prisoners and imperfect Christians,” Archbishop Fisher preached. “Ultimately that heart gave out, but only after more than 80 years of being gradually conformed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

Words spoken by Archbishop Fisher, Arcbishop of Sydney, during his homily at the funeral Mass of the late Cardinal.

Pope Benedict XV1 accompanied by Cardinal Pell visits our Sydney Home during World Youth Day 2008 to visit Cardinal Edward Clancy.  

His Eminence

Some of our memories of Cardinal Pell

to our Homes

St Joseph's Home Northcote,1977

when Cardinal Pell was Archbishop of Melbourne

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