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Staying connected with family and friends 

during a time of zero socialisation

Our Residents, along with many elderly people, have found Information technology an awesome and frightening aspect of modern life.
Now they are discovering what a wonderful means of communication it can be at a time of social distancing from families and friends.
Most of our Homes have introduced ways and means for the Residents to keep in touch. Sisters and staff have found that they have a captive audience as Residents learn to be comfortable and independent in using Skype and ‘surfing the net’.

Our photos demonstrate the progress of wonder! Marguerita is from South America, she speaks Spanish and very little English. She now enjoys speaking with her youngest son on a daily basis.  

In all our homes initiatives are in place to connect with families

  • Implementation of a spreadsheet with all the Residents details and a tick box for each time there is contact with the families. We aim to have communication with the families who do not contact the Residents, at least on a weekly basis. 

  • Residents are assisted to telephone their  families, using Skype where possible.

  • Our Perth Home is introducing the means for a ballerina granddaughter in Sydney to provide a session of ballet dancing twice weekly that can be transmitted via large screen TV,  What a thrill for the grandmother!

  • Information is emailed to families regularly.  In Melbourne, families were notified that we had set up the facility for Skype.

 Activities - Life must go on...

  • The Leisure and Lifestyle team,along with the Sisters work to keep the Residents occupied as much as possible. . The programme has been adapted to comply with social distancing. 

  • In the absence of a regular hairdressers, Beauty day is arranged with the activity team, using the hairdressing salon.

  • Mobile shop travels around the Home since the Residents cannot access the shop.

  • Walks in the garden and outdoor exercises to enhance fresh air, mobility and MORALE.

And, as usual, the generosIty of our friends and volunteers is boundless.  In all our Homes gifts are delivered at the door,   And in all  our Homes our volunteers are mourning the fact that they are unable to come and assist the Residents.
During this difficult period, we are learning lessons of patience,interdependence and human solidarity.
The elderly have learned these lessons through a lifetime of experience. Many of them lived through the Great Depression, World War II and the Korean conflict; the youngest retirees came of age during the war in Vietnam. Personal sacrifice and mutual assistance were lessons they learned growing up in tough times.

Our elderly residents are witnessing to these values in the midst of our current trials as we do everything we can to protect them from the coronavirus. Together with them, we are praying for a quick end to the pandemic, and we are praying for all those who are labouring to fight it.