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Telestra Employees volunteer for a day at St. Joseph's Home, Northcote

The corporate volunteering scheme allows employees to give one work day a year to volunteering.  The purpose of the program is to offer experiences outside work to help build stronger, healthier communities.
On Tuesday, 19th September, 2017, our Home at Northcote was the beneficiary of this scheme

The Telstra group were welcomed and assisted by our associates and volunteers.

There was a mammoth task to be achieved as the new self-care units have just been completed and restoration work on the small foundation house almost completed. There were grounds to clear, furniture to move gardens to beautify - and more.
This wonderful group proved well able to embrace the challenge and a great fun day was had by all.
An email from the Telstra team:
We have been talking about our day with you, the other sisters, and the regular volunteers for the last two days. We feel humbled and grateful for how well you looked after us, and we left feeling tired but energised.
 I have shared our time at St Joseph’s with the wider Telstra teams and have told them to be on the lookout for future volunteer dates. I am certain many more Telstra people will be keen to contribute to your worthy cause.

​Our grateful thanks go to the Corporate Volunteering Scheme, to Telstra, and to their willing, charming and hard working employees.