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Anzac Day Commemorations​ 


Sisters with some brave Residents honoured our Anzacs early morning at our front gate.  Another ceremony was held at 11am.



Residents attended an online Anzac Service, respecting social distance.

Beth Tinney is a Resident in Perth.  She shared her Anzac  Story:
It gives me great pleasure to write and explain the ANZAC PHOTO DISPLAY, 
I have always been very interested in ANZAC DAY so felt it appropriate when ANZAC DAY approached, I would acknowledge " Our Family " in my remembrance

​Firstly, there is William Tinney who served in France in the First World War and brought home his wife in 1919.
A photo of Grace (wife of William Tinney) is holding the card she received from Our Queen celebrating Graces 100th Birthday. William passed on in 1982 aged 75 years and Grace lived until 1 month of her 105th Birthday.

Victor John Nicholson who went to GALLIPOLI with the WELLINGTON INFANTRY BATTALION
​Uncle Vic was in the ADVANCE PARTY at CHUNUK BAIR & described what it was like fighting with a BAYONET.
The photo of Uncle Vic in front was when he was CHIEF OF THE SCOTTISH SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND.
Being associated with The Manawatu Pipe Bands Society many years. Was also awarded the Q.S.M. for services to THE PIPE BANDS Society.
BOB TINNEY served in Egypt in World War 11 and is Grace & William's Son.
George Cowan (large picture) husband of Lucy, daughter of William &Grace served overseas in  World War 11.
Photo of Lucy & George lower down.
Ian Gilmore was, a first cousin of ours, son of our Mother's elder sister HELEN. Gave his life overseas in World War 11 for us ALL.
Herbert William Stansfield (our Father) was appealed for by his employers WELLINGTON CITY COUNCIL & had four small daughters. So joined the Home Guard (he is the middle one with slouched hat).

Our Mother went back to WELLINGTON HOSPITAL to help them out in 1940 and stayed for 25 years
she was busy baking GINGER NUTS & FRUIT CAKES for overseas troupes, packed in Soldiers Tins covered with CALICO, sewn up & sent to THE RED CROSS to post overseas to men & women serving there for us & our FREEDOM.

I hope you enjoy this explanation of all the photos.
BETH TINNEY, Little Sisters of the Poor.