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Monday 14th of May 2018 was a memorable one for Little Sisters, Residents and Staff of St.Joseph’s Home. On Monday Mr Nigel Matthews, Managing Director of Aged Advisor New Zealand  came to  our Home  to present our award as the best of all the small rest home/hospitals in North Island of NZ. Nigel was taken to our Hall where Residents, Little Sisters, Staff, Tenants, family & Association Jeanne Jugan  members  awaited him.

On his arrival, Nigel  seemed very amazed  and delighted to see so  many people present. He then gave a short address explaining the awards which  were soon to take place, There are 665 Hospitals, Rest Homes and  335 Retirement  Villages in the North Island of NZ..
Sister Elizabeth received the Certificate on behalf of the Community.

Our score of points were 98.4% and we are the only Home in the North  Island to have received the prize in this category. The winners were chosen through the reviews submitted by Residents, Families, Associates, Friends and  Volunteers. We all rejoice with St.Jeanne in saying “ Blessed be God, thank You my God!”

Following are the results of surveys

Quality of Life                     5 stars

Very welcoming. Dignity afforded to all residents. Very welcoming  to family and friends.

Caring staff                         5 stars

Excellent care by staff (Carers remain constant). Clean, very pleasant surroundings. Staff, environment,  support, nutrition ALL OUTSTANDING. Very caring and loving care by all staff. “ I feel very much at home here, a very good place to  be, such dedicated, caring sisters and staff. Catholics cared for in provision of Mass and prayers. Care and respect shown. Dynamic community, Mass every day. Excellent rooms with own bathrooms. Wonderful support.

Responsive Management    5  stars

Outdoor Activity                 4 stars

Indoor Entertainment          5 stars  

Positives include: Ethos of Sisters and Staff. Activities catering to various interests. Family environment.

Social Atmosphere              5 stars

Peaceful environment, security, welcome to friends, family and visitors.

Enjoyable Food                   5 stars

Staff, environment,  support, nutrition  all outstanding.