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Western Samoa


Mapuifagalele:  'Peaceful Waters after the Storm'

The beautiful location of this Home in Apia is just 15 minutes drive from the town. It is situated In the midst of a beautiful tropical garden with lush green flowers and trees. The sea stretches  out before it and the huge waves of the Pacific Ocean break on the coral reef which is a mile from the shore.

This is a mission home of the Province where the elderly of low income, or no income, are welcomed, regardless of race or religion.  The age for entry is 65 years of age or over, having in mind there are always special cases to consider.


This Home has a 44 bed capacity  

  • All single rooms  

  • All rooms are furnished with a hospital bed, night stand, closet, and recliner.

  • Ensuites are not available but each room has a vanity basin.  There are common showers and toilet blocks. 

  • Each section has a spacious sitting room. 

  • The Link-way  is a spacious open area leading from Residents rooms  to the Chapel and provides a perfect gathering space for social functions and all activities.  The Residents prefer this venue for its open space and fresh air.

  • The Chapel is a round, spacious area, also open.  Mass is available every day and the Residents themselves organize for the Rosary to be said four times daily.

  • Beautician/Barber serviced by volunteers of various organizations.

  • Varied social activities by visitors.

  • A lively activity programme is available.

  • Nutritious food served three times a day.  Freshly prepared and cooked by kitchen staff  All food is local, which is enjoyed by Residents.

Extended family life is very important for the Samoan people and we assist the family to accompany the Resident with care and respect for their wishes.

 Accompanying the dying is the climax of our Apostolate.  All palliative care available is assured for the dying person's comfort as well as traditional  comforts given by family, for example, skilled massage.



IIn Samoa the Residents receive a pension of $160.

The weekly fee is $120

If a Resident does not receive the pension, the family contributes if possible. Otherwise, the Home takes this expense, having in mind that Samoa is a Mission Home, and the other Homes of the Province assist with fund raising activities.



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