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 St Joseph’s Home

Little Sisters of the Poor Northcote

Golden Jubilee Celebration:

Sr Therese Denny sgs


6 January 2021, nine Good Samaritan Sisters celebrated Sister Therese Denny’s sgs Diamond Jubilee with Mass and lunch at St Joseph’s Home Northcote.

The Sisters of the Good  Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict were founded in Australia  2 February, 1857, by John Bede Polding osb, first  Archbishop of Australia.  His vision  was for the sisters to respond to the needs of the young Australian church and colony.  with the compassion of the Good Samaritan.  He gave the Sisters the Rule of Benedict as a way of life and called them to seek God in the daily rhythm of prayer and work.   The  Sisters of the Good Samaritan, therefore,  follow a gospel way of life at the service of the local church, in whatever historical and cultural situation  they find themselves in.

During the Jubilee Mass, Sister Val Deakin sgs spoke about Therese’s life and work in the mid 1980’s in the Geraldton Diocese WA.   Sisters Therese and Val spent 10 years in Mt Magnet, often enduring harsh conditions and living in places that were very basic and extremely run down, eg air-condition often on the blink and taking weeks to have it fixed; wire across the community room with a coat hanger dangling from it so TV would go .  If the coat hanger was bumped, it took ages to get it going again.  Each year weeks on end of 45 degree plus temperatures, long distance travelling like 300 kms a week.  Therese loved Mt Magnet and the vast surrounds because she loved the people and the challenge of trying to find ways to meet their needs in this remote , vast region.   Sister Val concluded by listing her many gifts and qualities…..small in stature but a little dynamo.

In his homily, Fr Peter Carrucan highlighted how consecrated women, in the Liturgy of the Eucharist, turn their lives over to God and entrust themselves to mystery.  They declare that life for now on is a life of high adventure with Christ.  Through their lives of faithfulness, perseverance, courage and deep love of God, they communicate the Sacred, the Divine, to the world.

After the homily Sr Therese renewed the vows she made at first profession.



Mass was followed by a banquet  in the grand Martha Gardner room.  A feast ,  served by the Little Sisters .  Lunch concluded with cutting the huge colourful decorated cake made by Praveen and  kitchen staff. 

Community, staff and visitors joined together once more  to congratulate Therese on her faithfulness to grace and mystery.

The boundless generosity, kindness and hospitality of the Little Sisters …...unforgettable.  All was a touch of the Kingdom of Heaven