Dunedin N.Z.
Prayers offered through the
intercession of Mary
for our world

The full lockdown due to Covid was partially lifted on 8th September, 2021,and we were able to have Mass in our chapel for the first time since 17th August. This was a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of our Lady.

During the afternoon, the Residents  marked this day in a very special manner.  Grace, one of our diversional therapy staff members, had asked one of the sisters to explain the flower arrangements that she had seen in a video of the Corpus Christi procession in our Mother House at La Tour.  This is a long standing tradition that is celebrated every year.


Inspired by this, Grace decided to prepare a similar arrangement in the hall using the flowers from the garden to represent a beautiful rosary. Above this she had placed an image of Our Lady bordered by blue and white ribbons. Remembering that a novena consisted of nine prayers, Grace copied the Memorare in large print and gave a copy to nine different residents to read in their turn. Among them was a Mormon and a Lutheran Resident. It was beautiful to hear each one read the prayer with their different voices and accents.

Nearly all the Residents were gathered in the hall for the prayerful event. Following the nine Memorares, the acts of faith, hope and charity were read and finally a very lovely prayer was recited by a 97-year-old with a clear, distinctive voice. 

“We pray oh Blessed Virgin Mary to please keep us, our loved ones and the Little Sisters of the Poor safe from all the dangers that prowl around us.  Please continue to bless our Mother General Maria, Mother Provincial Angela, and Mother Rita together with all the Little Sisters, its staff and their families, please keep us safe from Covid-19 and the Delta variant.  Please heal us with your loving heart and miraculous hands.  Lord hear our prayers.”

The afternoon ended with one of the Residents intoning “Happy birthday to you…” and everyone joining in.

We are sure that Our Lady is very touched by the prayers of her children and that she will “hear and answer us.” May she continue to intercede for all who are in special need of her loving care, especially the suffering people of Afghanistan.