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boasts of a large lounge with

a dining area attached.

Extensive windows offer

a panoramic view

of Dunedin, the harbour

and the Pacific Ocean.

Other areas include an

Activity Lounge and a 

Large hall with a stage

for group events.

There is a small General Store

managed by the Residents.

There is also  large chapel

that is always open

for prayer and reflection

and daily Mass.

The Physiotherapy Room

buzzes with activity

in the mornings and

exercise classes

are often on the programme.



Hospital level charges for all rooms are charged at 321.66. The rest home level charges are 197.17.

These fees are set by the Government on the 1st of July each year.

The daily rate to be paid by the resident will depend on their financial status, which is assessed by Work and Income New Zealand Residential Subsidy Unit (WINZ). If eligible for financial support from WINZ, that support, together with the resident`s Superannuation, will be paid directly to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Southern District Health Board may also contribute to residents` costs once a resident has been assessed as needing permanent care.


Location and Overview 

Amenities provided

Admission Process



Current Events

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Sacred Heart Home and Hospital is located in the Dunedin suburb of Brockville. It is 5 Km from the centre of town and is readily available by bus. There is a small grocery store, pharmacy and take away restaurant nearby.

Extensive renovations to the hospital section were completed in 2010. All 28 rooms are spacious with a large ensuite. Located on a hill, 17 of the rooms have a magnificent view of the Dunedin city and the Otago harbour. The other 11 rooms look out over beautifully kept gardens. The rooms have two built in wardrobes, an electric bed, armchair, and locker.


Elderly men and women 65 years and older.

Low income - All denominations



Dunedin History

The story of the foundation of the Little Sisters in Dunedin began in England in the 1870’s:  "Anne, as much as you wish to dedicate your life to God in the religious life, it is evident that your health will not stand up to it".  The young postulant, Anne Mullholand knew this to be so, but it was a great blow to her.  She returned home and began picking up the threads of her former life.  A few years later, Anne migrated to New Zealand and settled  in Dunedin where she became housekeeper for Bishop Moran and Bishop Verdon successively.  And so, it was Anne Mulholland'’s influence that brought the Little Sisters to the South Island.  Anne first made her request to Bishop Moran, but it was not until Bishop Verdon's time that her dream was realized. On 3rd December, 1904, eight Little Sisters arrived in Dunedin.   The Bishop and Anne Mullholand expressed the desire that the future home  be under the patronage of the Sacred Heart.  

On 8th December the new Home was blessed and opened and the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the little chapel.   The day was made complete when the Little Sisters received their first elderly gentleman; hence the work had begun.  They now had Our Lord in the tabernacle and in the person of the Aged. Soon building commenced for a larger home, and the large old Sacred Heart Home, Anderson’s Bay, which was completed in 1907, served the elderly of Dunedin well for the next 70 years.  This was the first of the old homes in the Province built in that era to show the wear and tear of the years. 


In 1970 it was declared unsafe and a re-building project was planned.  After much deliberation and for many reasons, the decision was made to find a new site.  In November 1978 the Little Sisters and residents moved from the familiar surroundings of Anderson’s Bay to their newly built complex across the city in Brockville. This home is situated high on a hill with magnificent scenic views for the elderly to  enjoy.  As always, and in every home, friends, benefactors, volunteers,  families and dedicated employees sing the song of joyful giving and witness to  the charism of St. Jeanne Jugan.

Recent Activities

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