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On Sunday 23rd August, a group of international Little Sisters made their final commitment at the Mother House of  La Tour St Joseph, France.  They were nine in number,  

Usually, the Chapel is full to capacity on this day with families and friends from all countries.

The circumstances of this year were very different.

The worldwide ordeal of Covid 19 prevented the families to be present for this great event. Nevertheless, this did not lessen the joy of the Little Sisters who made their definitive commitment of the gift of themselves to Jesus in the service of the poorest elderly.

In order for the families to participate, the Congregation took the new means of social networks to transmit the ceremony live. In the presence of Mgr Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, Mgr Emile Marcus, Archbishop Emeritus of Toulouse, Father Jean-Michel Amouriaux, Superior General of the Eudists and several Priest friends, Mgr Pierre d'Ornellas, Archbishop of Rennes, Dol and St Malo presided over this celebration.