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FOOD FAIR - PERTH 1st October, 2023

The Home is fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers who follow closely all that takes place in favour of our 60 Residents, so it was no surprise when Mother Marie Bernard was approached with the idea of an International Food Fair that they had organized on two other occasions the last being in 2018. The funds were to be set aside for the maintenance of our beautiful new Home inhabited since 2019.

The date of October 1st was set and a feverish, yet organized activity began to be ready by this time. Michael and Mary Tam and Marisa Lee were those mainly responsible together with many others. It is to be noted that all were from the Asian immigrant community and who had known the Little Sisters in Singapore, Malaysia and or had heard of them in Rangoon.

During the months of August and September different parishes were invaded, with the permission of the parish priest, for tickets to be sold at $10 each, to Mass goers on Saturday evening, Sunday morning and very often evening. The volunteers were intrepid and nothing stopped them. Usually, two Little Sisters were present in a lesser role. The response by the parishioners was amazing for we are well aware that they are often solicited to help one or other good cause.

The great day arrived. St. Joseph had been put in charge of the weather, so no one was daunted by a shower of rain. Except for some wind it was a lovely day. 20 stalls had been erected in the staff car park, each one with its specialty. Our chaplain had made a chicken curry and other Asian foods were in plentiful supply prepared by our devoted staff. Bhutan, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Thailand and Germany were all there. Perhaps the most popular was the stall where Sister Marguerite Therese Emmanuel and her helpers tried to satisfy the very long queue waiting patiently for their turn to obtain a masala dossai, a great favourite. The Residents were each given tickets and could choose their cultural food. There was also a white elephant stall which did a roaring business. We were really surprised by the crowd of people who were eager to help the Home. Entertainment was provided by another volunteer and his band. The music set many young and not so young dancing. The children were delighted to receive a balloon in the form of any animal they would ask for and cleverly contrived by Sister Marie Bernadette.

Only when the crowd dispersed that the wind strengthened, and rain eventually fell. The proceeds of the day were well beyond our expectations. The volunteers were elated by their success and we, Little Sisters, can only thank them and pray for each one and their families. Thank you, St. Joseph!

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