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Day of Generosity in Noumea


Our Home in Noumea was hard hit in July when most of the Residents and Little Sisters tested positive to Covid 19. It was a matter of complete lock down with the less ill positive caring for the very ill. 

The following tribute was written by an Associate Member who initiated a Noumea wide call for help.


A huge thank you to the donors who responded so quickly and generously to the call for help for             "Ma Maison".

How sad was the silence in the house, usually so full of life! 

The generosity of New Caledonians was well proven, their solidarity is not a myth!
These donations are concrete proofs that will bring comfort to the residents and reassure them: "outside", they are not forgotten, we think of them!

We thanked the donors, who responded so quickly and generously to the call for help, and thus helped to"make the poor happy, that's all!" (Jeanne Jugan). Yet it is themselves that they said they were happy to have been asked to help!

Our Lord uses this trial to make better known, (or to make discover), St. Jeanne Jugan, his charism and his work always active thanks to the little sisters of the poor! To quote her again:"God is our Father, let us trust in Him!"and in His Providence!

For my part, it is true that it was a great joy to share these moments where we feel really useful.

Sophie Raluy, Partner Jeanne Jugan in Noumea

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