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Grandparents Day 2022

This day was celebrated in various ways in our Homes around the Province.

The photos of the two ladies from Noumea with their rosaries in hand, show how they took to heart the Message of Pope Francis, asking the elderly to pray.  (click here for full Message)



World Day of Grandparents was celebrated from the 18th to the 23rd of July.

Each day a different event took place.  Residents were invited to recall memories of their grandparents: A Bible Quiz, elderly characters of the Bible:   A Reading from the Message of Pope Francis which set the theme for finding: 1) words by Pope Francis describing prayer 2) words that express the Residents own views of elderly life. A Recycling workshop followed. All the words recorded the day before were written on heart-shaped cardboard sheets of different colors so that they could be hung on a small shrub. There was great activity and concentration in cutting, writing, and tying the strings.  Next was the presentation of poems, songs, and stories on the theme of grandparents and the elderly. The last day of celebration commenced with 8.30 am Mass followed by various games of skill and lotto. Enjoyed by all, these days demonstrated the fact that the elderly can still bear fruit.




Family members were invited to write down their memories of their grandparents.  Here is an example

I always loved the bell beside your bed that you'd ring in the mornings when you woke up (aroud 10am).  Jack would bring in tea and toast, sometimes honey and vegemite on the same piece  

I must own up now and tell you that I used to pinch lollies from your famous dilly-bag in the front room /  I am not sure that you noticed but I certainly became a regular!...would they have been columbines or barley sugar? They would have been wrapped of course otherwise they would have been covered with fluff!

I remember when you came home with a very flashy golden tin of Benson and Hedges cigarettes.  I though that was quite stylish! I cannot remember you actually smoking them!  

It was always good when you gave us a special pack of kelloggs cereal varieties.  There was always a scramble to see who got the coco pops!  

Once when I was a kid you were looking after me and I fell backwards off a chair.  It was quite a bad fall and I hit my head.  To this day I still have to tell the barber that the scar is not his fault - my Grandma did it to me!

We did a lot of traveling up the Western Highway when I was courting your daughter.  I was conscious of needing to make a good impression on you.  But one very hot day, the hose was on in the front garden and there was much hilarity - until I realized that I had turned the hose on you! Mortifying!

Needless to say, you saw the funny side and hopefully have forgiven me.

Do you remember when I was a little kid we were visiting you and someone was complaining about something I said, "You get what you get, so don't get upset!"

You loved to hear it and still often tell people my message.

St. Brigid's often asked to help out supervising classes.  This time it was exams.  One student asked you: "Can I, smoke during the exam?" You saw no reason why not.  Then one of the girls complained of breathing difficulties!  So you worked it - The smoker at an open window down the back and the lass up the frontl  As if that would ever happen these days!

Do you remember the high heel red shoes (up shoes) that you bought me?  I was probably about 6 years old and the shoes were too big at first.  I remember racing into your bedroom as soon as we got home to try on the up shoes hoping that my feet had grown enough to wear them.  Even when they were too big I still loved clomping up and down the hall in them.

The day you got Guillain Barre was a big one.  You were paralyzed in your bed and thought you were at the end of your life.  So we said our goodbyes while the ambulance was on its way.  It was dramatic but quite a happy send-off, lots of smiles and excitment, as you would expect from you.

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Dunedin NZ

The Residents made a paper tree called "Kowhai" a Native tree of New Zealand depicting the Theme for Grandparents Day. "In old age, they will still bear fruit".  The photos of all the  present residents are posted on the tree with a virtue, such as Love, Kindness, Thoughtfulness, etc


Auckland NZ


Lockdown did not prevent celebrating Grandparents  Day.  A game of housie that complied to isolation requirements.

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