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Grandparents Day 2023

Initiated by Pope Francis in 2021, this significant day seeks to shine a spotlight on the invaluable role played by grandparents and the elderly in society. It serves as a reminder that they should not be forgotten and encourages younger generations to dedicate quality time to their elders, listening and embracing the wisdom they must impart.

In a message from Pope Francis to young people preparing for WYD Lisbon 2023, the Holy Father extends a warm invitation for them to engage with the elderly. He emphasizes, "Engage in conversations with your grandparents, for they possess a wealth of wisdom

Invitation to young people en route to World Youth Day: 


"The Lord trusts that young people, through their relationships with the elderly, will realize that they are called to cultivate memory and recognize the beauty of being part of a much larger history".


"God wants young people to bring joy to the hearts of the elderly, as did  Mary to Elizabeth, and gain wisdom from their experiences".


"For the young, this means being ready to break free from the fleeting present in which virtual reality can entrap us, preventing us from doing something productive. For the elderly, it means not dwelling on the loss of physical strength and thinking with regret about missed opportunities".

"Before you set out on your journey, visit your grandparents or an elderly person who lives alone! Their prayers will protect you and you will carry in your heart the blessing of that encounter".



All our Homes invited young people to participate in the preparation and celebration of this day.


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