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Update on Self-Care-Units

The last few weeks have seen great progress on the work of building 12 Independent Living Units on the same grounds as the new Aged Care Facility at Glendalough.


The work comprises 12 units, each one including one bedroom, large walk in shower facility, with storage and wardrobe; launderette; an open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area; outside patio area.   There is a common lounge which can facilitate gatherings where desired.  The security system includes CCTV cameras and a camera to each Unit to facilitate giving entry to visitors remotely, if the tenant wishes.  The entire area will be landscaped.


Until now the weather has been very favourable, with very little rain, the exception being this last weekend when there was a storm; thankfully nothing major happened.


All the brickwork has been completed, the roof trusses complete and roof tiling almost complete; it is hoped to complete that part of the work before the very bad weather arrives with the coming of winter; plastering is at present being done in the interior of the building.

Jeanne Jugan Awards


Jeanne Jugan Awards are presented to staff members who are nominated for their excellence in living the spirit of St, Jeanne Jugan. 

This year the Awards were presented  on 24th July, the first anniversary of moving to the new Home.

Our photo shows the happy winners,

Ursula  Kleinheinz and Dain Bryce with Sister Angela.