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The Positive Side of Enforced Isolation


Tina has been a Resident in our Home in Sydney for a number of years, During her  COVID 19 isolation, she turned her mind to the creative skill of Art and commenced painting, thus discovering a new talent.  However, she has now put another of her expertise into practice, one she thought she would never use again. 

When it was discovered that she had  been a hairdresser for 50 years, she temporarily put her brushes aside to give this time to the Residents deprived of a hairdresser during isolation.



At a time when no visits from outside were allowed, the 100th birthday celebration of several Residents took an unusual turn.

In AGEN, France, the kitchen staff surpassed themselves to prepare an excellent meal, served individually in the rooms. All the staff members present then gathered under the windows of the centenarian to offer her a flash mob, accompanied by music from one of their cars. This moment of relaxation was good for everyone!


For a Resident in LOUISVILLE, USA, a parade of cars was organized all around the house. Behind the large window of his bedroom, the centenarian, frail but strong in spirit, did not lose an ounce of the show. What is more, he will be able to see his whole family going by, with no danger of contact!


In FLORENCE, Italy, the 100th birthday of a lady, who has been a Resident for 21 years, was celebrated with her family by Skype. She never thought she would celebrate her birthday in such a modern way and blow out her candles online!

For her 101st birthday, a Resident in DUBLIN, Ireland,was surprised to have a concert from her grandson under her window. He is a well-known singer in Ireland. The other Residents, and certainly the neighbors as well, were delighted with this gift! In the Home,.


nine employees stayed at the novitiate because public transport was too difficult to take. Everywhere, the communities are grateful for the generosity of the staff who have given so much of themselves. In very many Homes, the staff stayed on for the meal service (as all Residents were served in their rooms). i


In Malta, eight employees remained at the Home for five weeks. Seeing that the elderly were lonely without their families,  they organized a talent show to focus their attention on something else. During their evenings, they rehearsed songs and dances. The show was a tremendous success. It was then the turn of about twenty Residents to display their talents. This initiative was a source of peace and joy.

Since then, these eight employees have gone home and have been replaced by seven others.

A benefactor in Chile, currently unemployed and the father of five children, continues to think of the Little Sisters. He has organized a group of 21 families who prepare meals. Every day they bring 50 portions, well prepared and so copious that it is almost enough for the whole house.


To combat the virus, a large donation of supplies was made to the Home in PITTSBURGH USA,

The Sisters wished to share it with the other Homes. But how could they get it all to them? By looking for a direct contact with someone who works in a transport company, they found the name of the president of a company on their list of benefactors. Once contacted, he offered to make all the distributions to the Homes, and free of charge!