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Samoa - The abundant generosity of God manifested through helping hands and hearts. 

On Saturday,1st July, 2023, two groups arrived at Mapuifagalele to present gifts.

The  Legion of Mary from Apia Parish, who are always generous to us, commenced the month of July by visiting the Residents and sharing gifts.

 First time visitors to Mapuifagalele was the staff of a local ice cream factory.  They had collected money from their salary to donate precious items.  Five large bags of sugar and milk were an answer to our prayers, as there is a great shortage of sugar in Samoa and it is not available in local shops.  As Providence always comes to us in abundance, there was nothing less than cartons of food, and toiletries.  The choice fruits of Bananas and Papayas were greatly welcomed by the Residents.  

This generous group not only gave material gifts but also graced us with their beautiful traditional dances.

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