Samoa - Our Lady Queen of Peace     
  Feast of the Home
              Feast of St. Jeanne Jugan 

 On September 20th, a police car arrived with two policemen.  They stated they had a delivery from the Prime Minister.  There were eight flower arrangements beautifully done, flowers fit for the Queen. a much appreciated gesture from our new Prime Minister for this occasion.



For the feast of St Jeanne Jugan on 30th August, we invited all the departments to prepare a scene from the life of St Jeanne Jugan to act out during the celebration in the afternoon.  This news was received by our staff with great enthusiasm.  In the afternoon of Aug 29th to finish the Novena our Transitional Deacon came and we had a holy hour with the Residents, including Rosary and Benediction.

The morning of the actual feast our community Mass was at 9.30a.m which enabled some of our friends and volunteers and of course all the Staff to be able to attend the Mass. 5 priests concelebrated the Mass.  It was beautiful and intimate within our home.   We invited all who came for Mass to stay for lunch which was beautifully prepared and our friends and benefactors donated the meal for at least 100 people.  Our boys did the Umu to roast 2 pigs for the great day.  All the visitors enjoyed their meal while the residents had their siesta. After the meal for the friends, the Zumba was performed to help digestion.  Most of the visitors left after the Zumba, which meant that the Residents, staff and Sisters were now ready for the specially prepared performance, to begin at 3.00pm 

The program was opened by those from the main dining room area; they opened the show with the proposal of Pierre the sailor to Jeanne Jugan.  It was beautifully done.  There was a lot of laughter and also tears; it was a great way to help the staff to be imbued with the spirit of St Jeanne Jugan.  The Ladies unit acted out Jeanne Jugan finding Ann Chauvin and walking with her, carrying  her on her back up the narrow spiral staircase and putting her in her bed.  Those from the men’s side and the laundry depicted the Collecting and of course the most touching scene when the  gentleman slapped Jeanne Jugan, it was cleverly done and looked so real.   There was not a dry eye at that moment.   The last act was performed by the Kitchen staff; they portrayed the gifts of Providence.

It was very enjoyable afternoon, excellently performed; our Mother St. Jeanne Jugan would have been very happy to witness once more the great family spirit uniting her daughters and Residents and staff in Mapuifagele.

The actual celebration on Saturday  21st was beautiful; the Mass was sung by our own choir.  In the afternoon a youth group came to entertain the Residents. 

They arrived early as they wanted to set up

and get ready. Unexpectedly another car arrived. It was another group called the “Two Hearts”  Sacred Heart andImmaculate Heart of Mary.  It seems it’s their feast day too.  They were taking the Holy Family Statue, Rosa Mystica and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on a pilgrimage to different families and they wanted to stop at our place.  It was a quick organization, the young people formed a guard of honour to welcome the pilgrims and we set up the table to place the statues, flowers and candles in the link way.  The Residents all arrived and Telesia our resident start the rosary by announcing the mysteries and the young people recited the rosary.  It was absolutely magnificent.  Our pilgrims left us after the rosary and we went on with our program for the afternoon.