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In 2019, at the end of festivities organized by the Diocese of Rennes, Dol and St Malo, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the canonization of St Jeanne Jugan, Father Pierre Michel and his parishioners launched this project: 'St Jeanne Jugan in the Valley of the Saints'.  Interest was generated and Patrons arrived.


In August 2021, Pascal and Chantal MERE took over the finalization of this project.

Another project, unheard of, was added to it. Before being  erected at the Valley of the Saints, a journey was organized - a "journey of the statue" to Cancale and St Pern, places whereSt.  Jeanne Jugan was born and where she returned to God.

St. Jeanne Jugan Statue added to the
Valley of the Saints


The statue, 3 meters high, sculpted in a block of granite weighing approximately 23 tons is mounted on a base 3 meters high.

Statue of St Jeanne Jugan
on an exceptional journey

Sculptor Patrice Le Guen gave "a soul" to the huge

block of granite! In May 2022, the statue took to the

road to join all those who cannot go to the "Valley of

the Saints". Events were organized for this exceptional journey.  

The statue has travelled from St. Malo, through Cancale and to St. Pern where it will reside at our Mother House from 11th June to 13th July, 2022. 

It will arrive at its final destination for installation,

blessing and ceremonies on 28th August 2022.



For further information visit our French website at https//:petitessoeurs

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