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Mission Statement


Is to offer the neediest elderly of every race and religion a home where they will be welcomed as Christ, cared for as family and accompanied with dignity until God calls them to himself.


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The Little Sisters of the Poor are an international congregation of Roman Catholic women religious founded in 1839 by Saint Jeanne Jugan. Together with a diverse network of collaborators, we serve the elderly poor in over 30 countries around the world.


Continuing the work of Saint Jeanne Jugan:

Is to contribute to the Culture of Life by nurturing communities where each person is valued, the solidarity of the human family and the wisdom of age are celebrated, and the compassionate love of Christ is shared with all.


The core values of the Little Sisters of the Poor, namely Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Spirituality, and Stewardship, reflect their commitment to serving the elderly with dignity and love. Compassion drives their personalized care and empathetic engagement with each individual. Respect is foundational, ensuring that every person is valued regardless of their background or circumstances. Integrity guides their actions, ensuring honesty and ethical conduct. Spirituality is central, infusing their service with prayer and faith. Stewardship reflects their responsible use of resources, emphasizing sustainability and accountability in their mission.

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Founding Story

Jeanne Jugan, born in Cancale, France, on October 25, 1792, dedicated her life to God and the poor from an early age, forgoing marriage and working in charity. In 1839, she took in Anne Chauvin, a destitute elderly woman, laying the foundation for the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, which rapidly expanded to over 100 members by 1850, serving the elderly worldwide.


We have inherited a rich spirituality from our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan

  • Christ centred: imitation of Christ in his poverty, gentleness and humility; devotion to the Eucharist, the Word of God and the Sacred Heart;

  • Poverty of spirit: a desire to live the joy and simplicity of the Beatitudes and to identify ourselves with the lowly

  • Trust in God's Providence to provide for all of our needs, both spiritual and temporal, together with a lively devotion to Saint Joseph, patron and protector of our Congregation;

  • Marian devotion: Influenced by the French school of spirituality, Saint Jeanne Jugan taught us that to come to the heart of Mary is to come to Jesus.

  • We take Mary as our mother and our model of total devotedness to Christ and his mission;


A spirit of solidarity and universality: we embrace the riches of all peoples and cultures, pray for the needs of the universal Church and believe that solidarity and sharing are expressions of our common bond as members of one human family, since we are all children of our heavenly Father.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Little Sisters of the Poor are deeply felt both globally and locally. Their commitment spans from providing individualized care to the elderly in various communities to advocating for the dignity and respect of the aged on an international stage. The organization's work has not only improved the quality of life for countless individuals but also raised awareness about the needs and contributions of the elderly, fostering a culture of care and respect across nations. Through their service, they've built a legacy of love and compassion, echoing the values instilled by Saint Jeanne Jugan.

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