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Since its foundation, the Congregation has formed a large family where everyone has their place:
Residents, Volunteers, Little Sisters, Employees, Associates Jeanne Jugan, benefactors.





Jeanne Jugan welcomed into  her house that she shared with two friends, the first elderly person, Anne Chauvin. Since the winter of 1839, thousands of elderly people have been welcomed by the Little Sisters of the Poor, so that each one can find a place to stay, a meal, care, but also human warmth and a new family.


  • All our Homes have been built or renovated to provide AGEING IN PLACE. 

  • Our Homes are designed to meet both the desire for privacy and the needs                     of community life. 

  • Single rooms with individual ensuites where all rooms are large enough to  create an      ambiance of privacy and peace and assist in making an environment where the spirit of    St Jeanne Jugan reigns. 

  • The comforts that we desire to provide for the sick and the dying and the care of their families is a core value of our care and is paramount in the planning of the Home.

  • Dining facilities that promote socialization

  • Multi purpose room that facilitates entertainment and activities on a large scale.

  • Spacious and small sitting areas

  • Library

  • Chapel offers daily Mass and a sacred, silent space for reflection and prayer. 

  • Shop 

  • Lively Leisure and lifestyle centres provide a variety of programme

  • where families and Independent Living Unit Residents may participate                                                                                                                                                             

  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES Physiotherapy: Podiatry:  Hairdresser: Dietician                     

  • SUPPORT AND ACCOMPANIMENT                                                                                                         The prospect of leaving home for an Elderly person is an upheaval                                   that we need to understand.                                                                                                                                     They hope to find: 

  • a warm and personalized welcome, kindness, listening and their rights respected. 

  • A reassuring framework, where they find memories, personal objects, furniture,

  • past interests

  •  the familiar faces of  social relations.                                                                                                       If the family wish, they can prepare the future bedroom by bringing in  familiar                objects in order to recreate a home that look familiar. This represents a new                      stage of life and we want it to be a home where it is good to live, a home                      where young and old meet, finally, a home where joy and peace come together.


Elderly men and women 65 years and older.

Low income



To respond to modern day need, the old Glendalough home was replaced  and the new Home was constructed..The new Glendalough Home was ready for occupancy from 24th July, 2019. This Home features a purpose-built modern facility with exceptional features such as a street scape -where rooms open up to a corridor similar to a street complete with gardens, benches and street lights. Residents can enjoy the newly landscaped gardens and courtyards that surround the Home providing  pleasant outdoor areas including a large barbeque gathering area that families are welcome to use.

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